Little Known Ways to Reduce Moisture

Protect your clothes, leather goods and purses from mould and musty smells, naturally! Unlike other damp rid products on the market today, bamboo is natural, reusable and recyclable without perfumes and chemicals. They don’t just “cover” smells but actually absorb them, along with moisture and chemicals.

Moso Bamboo is among the fastest growing resources on the planet, with amazing abilities and benefits for all. Moso Bamboo absorbs a large amount of CO2 from the air and atmosphere in the way in which it is grown and harvested. Environmentally friendly, it’s cultivated in an exceedingly responsible manner and leaves little impact in comparison to other kinds of farming.

  • Pesticide free plantation programs – Stems are harvested after 5 years without decreasing the size of the forest. 
  • Regular harvesting improves the growing power from new stems by increasing light and water.
  • What about the Panda? Moso Bamboo is not their source of food. This bamboo doesn’t have any leaf growth on the first five metres of the stem and is also too high to reach for the panda.

For years and years, bamboo has been treasured because of its healing powers, beauty and adaptability. When placed through a special heating process, bamboo charcoal becomes a valuable by-product of natural bamboo. It’s powerful absorption properties purify air and drinking water, remove moisture, odours and harmful chemicals, absorbs toxins and creates a nutrient-rich product with lasting health benefits.

When used in drawers, wardrobes, fridges, sports bags and shoes, bamboo charcoal provides mould prevention, absorbs moisture and simulates an odour eater refreshing its surrounds. Bamboo charcoal in the home is shown to improve sleep, digestion and circulation and create a more calm and healthy environment. It’s got concentrated nutrients and an abundance of trace mineral elements including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. When put into water, these factors neutralise and enhance the quality of the water while absorbing harmful chemicals.

In cooking, Bamboo Charcoal will absorb harmful chemicals, purify the water and enrich it with nutrients.

  • All Bamboo Charcoal products last up to a full year.
  • Bamboo is grown in Taiwan in pesticide-free forest programs.
  • Ancient technology shown to remove odours and moisture preventing mould spores and mildew on clothes.
  • Unscented and hypo-allergenic.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • 100% natural Moso Bamboo.

Further mould and mildew relief: stop and kill mould in cupboards and wardrobes using a dehumidifier and improve indoor air quality standards. Natural zeolite products are also a benefit to you and your family.

If you do suspect a moulded carpet, look at your home for rising damp problems. In the event, mould testing and rising damp treatment solutions are best assessed by a specialist. After killing mould, any mildew stain removal will need to be addressed on all soft furnishings and carpets as well as finding the triggers of the mould.