Local Marketing Results That Work

Most small business owners are not so naive to think that local and online marketing are going away anytime soon. If anything, they are trying to figure out how to leverage the cost ROI (Return On Investment) benefits of marketing their business online.

So many questions like, “Should my local marketing strategy include Facebook and Twitter?”. Or, “Should I be using LinkedIn?”. And of course, “Is Search Optimizaiton required for me?”…

The simple answer is “that depends”. Here’s why…

Your marketing system needs to have a clear path as to who your ideal client is, and the best way to build and cultivate a relationship with them. The more “know” and “trust” you build, the easier it will be for them to “try” then ideally “buy” from you.

If online and local marketing fits into that strategy, then jump in and create a system around it. For many small business owners Twitter and Facebook just aren’t a good fit because they are selling business to business. For others, say retailers and restaurants it is a great fit.

Create a picture of your ideal client, then ask yourself where these people travel online before diving into the tactics. By doing this, you don’t need to ask yourself everytime the new shining object appears. You will know, and have a clear picture where the marketing tactic fits into your strategy.

If you need help creating a strategy a Marketing Coach or Marketing Consultant can help you get clear and put a solid plan together to move to the next level.

To your success,