Long Beach Island dont count it out because its in New Jersey

New Jersey has never been my initial choice for a family vacation destination. Everybody makes jokes about it not being very clean and needless to say you have the infamous Jersey Shore Telly show. So when my significant other wanted to go to Long Beach Island which is a part of New Jersey I wasn’t particularly excited, yet had I done some actual homework on the area I would have known ahead of time how great a place it is.

We stayed in a really fantastic Long Beach Island accommodation in Beach Haven. The house was wonderful and it had a great view. Every morning we’d relax out on the deck and drink our coffees and watch the sun come up. I am aware that would seem a bit ridiculous to be up so early on holiday however it was well worth the while. Long Beach Island is really a nice location to have a relaxing vacation.

You’ll find gorgeous old Victorian homes along with more modern villas, apartments, condos, and townhouses which are used for Long beach Island rentals and there is Barnegat lighthouse. I know that will sound a little boring to visit and see a lighthouse but it was definitely interesting. The lighthouse is situated on the northern end of Long Beach Island in the appropriately titled Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. I really like walking it unwinds me, but My spouse and I live in a big city so despite the fact that I do love to walk it is largely down hectic walk ways plus it doesn’t smell that great when you have big vehicles driving all around and don’t forget about garbage day when it’s nice and hot. The park had a lot of nice nature paths for walking and it was awesome to have a nice stroll with out all of the noise and unpleasant smells that I ordinarily have to endure.

My partner and I dined at some fantastic restaurants, which in my opinion eating wonderful meals is probably the most important things you can do on holiday. I don’t remember every little thing I did on a particular holiday but I remember if I had a really good meal and where I had it.

I vacation a lot and I have been to some pretty crazy locations where anything can happen and to tell the truth Long Beach Island just isn’t one of those places. I did love my vacation there for totally different reasons. It was relaxing and it was a home away from home type of location. There are plenty of Long Beach Island condos to rent. There’s great boating and water sports and of course great beaches for reading a good book. It is a nice location to unwind with your partner and it is a great location to have a family gathering or vacation.