Looking For Ways to Lose A Stone – The First Action Step You Should Take


In theory losing a Stone is simple if you understand how. Today I want to share with you the actual system I use with just about all my own clients who are looking to lose a stone or more. On the outset it looks like an easy step but it’s the application of this particular first stage that could get you your body back.





Not only that, you will keep the unwanted fat off it too because that is what matters most. Not only losing the stone but keeping it off entirely. The last thing we want you to happen is lose the fat to have all come back on again. The very 1st step you wish to do ahead of ever setting foot in the gym or creating any nutritional modifications should be to ask yourself a simple question. The question you should be asking when you’re aiming to lose a stone rapidly is why?





Why do you want to know how to lose a stone? Perhaps you’ve have specific event on the horizon? Possibly you’ve got a wedding ceremony coming up? A family reunion or possibly you worried that if you keep going the way in which you’re going that your husband or spouse will cease loving you and abandon you for someone else.





Ok that could be a tad severe but you get my idea if you possess a cause why you should lose a stone it’s significantly more effective. Allow me personally show you an example to you so I can fully illustrate.





Meet Linda: Linda is planning to lose a stone and contacted Expect Success Fitness simply because well that’s the sole aim of Expect Success Fitness: to help you to lose that stone, as soon as possible, safely and devoid of any “secret” products or gimmicks or spending endless hours in the health club. So Linda contacts me and we schedule a consultation. The conversation goes like this:





Q. What are you looking to do?



A. I wish to know how to lose a stone.



Q. WHY do you want to lose a stone



A. Well I’ve been letting myself go just lately and I’ve been active with work as well as the children and I’ve place on extra weight.



Q. What on earth is it about losing the fat that may be essential to you?



A. I’m at the age my dad was when he died and I know the additional weight is affecting my lifestyle in a negative way. By dropping a stone I’d be happier understanding I’m changing for the better.



Q. Should you lose a stone how will your lifestyle transform? How will it impact you?



A. It’ll mean that I’ll naturally be more healthy but the biggest thing is it’s going to impact my energy levels and self-esteem.



Q. What is it about not losing the stone that frightens you?



A. I’m frightened if I keep going the way in which I’m going I will get worse – put on far more weight, need to go to drastic measures but my greatest worry is I will not get to view my little ones grow up.



Q. Who could you enlist to support you with your pursuit?



A. If I share my ambitions with my family and friends I feel they are going to help me 100%. Also if I’ve somebody dedicated to assisting me like Expect Success Fitness I’ll keep that inspiration to assist me be successful.





Do you see how much more effective that is? It’s not just about dropping a stone now. Now it’s about seeing her kids grow up. There’s an internal reason why. The fire is lit and using the right advice (from someone like me) that man or woman turns into an unstoppable force.





When you begin with the why you wish to do something it puts almost everything into perspective and you also give your self the power to achieve whatever you need. This is actually the method I use with all my clients. It’s crucial to start with the reason why and the benefits speak for themselves.