Making The Most of Your Golf Outing

For golf lovers, a golf outing is a must, at least once a year. But making sure it’s really enjoyable is a very heavy burden, especially if you’re bringing along your friends or relatives to enjoy with you.

Serious golfers know where exactly to go every year, without even finding out about the place. You can just ask any professional golfer; and he or she will name you the ten best golf vacation places in just matter of seconds. The question is “how do they really enjoy these places so much that these places remain their favorite always?” The answer is all in the way they enjoy their golf vacation there, regardless of whether they go alone or in group.

Places like St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, or Phoenix, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Nevada, or Los Cabos in Baja California are known for their famous golf vacation activities. And thousands of people flock to these places every time the season comes around.


Always think of a golf vacation to suit your needs. Start by designing you own specialized and personalized golf outing with your own group of friends. Try not to follow the packages or promotional trips. This trip comes only once in a year, so be organized.

Just go online and look through the vacation resorts, and pick the best location that suits your taste, health and check book. Some locations may be too cold or too hot for the elderly members of your group, so go for those which is the best for all. Find a place that has a plenty of rental homes, chalets or hotels, as well as a vast range of selection when it comes to golf courses.

Find out details of the place, and do some research on the specifications provided and cost of accommodation. Book the place early to avoid sold-outs, especially if the golf vacation season is around the corner. The best time to book is at least four to five month before you go there.


Get a good range of golf tees and other set of clothing suitable for the game as well as the environment. Take along jackets and sweaters, because most of the times you would be playing early in the mornings; since it is the best time to do so.

Rent a bus or a small van if you have fewer people and only bring things that you think that you will be using such as your golf accessories, apparels, and your golf cart.