Making Your Glass Shelves Shine

Glass shelf can be extremely useful and put in a touch of beauty in your home decor. However, they start to look shabby if they’re not maintained with good care. Unlike many tricky cleaning projects, glass shelves don’t require toxic or expensive cleaners and they are not too difficult to tend. With frequent attention, some knowledge plus a gentle touch, you should have no issue keeping your shelves looking their best.

The Right Supplies To Clean Glass Shelves

Even though supplies needed to clean glass shelves are inexpensive and easy to locate, it is vital that you may not cut any corners. The thickest of glasses need delicate handling and you’ll get scratches, clouding as well as weaken the glass if you use rough materials or harsh cleaners on them. The first thing to consider will be the cleaner you work with. Though soapy water can easily remove dust, regular soap might lead to a film or scum on the shelf surface. This scum can lead to your shelves looking dull and drab though it wouldn’t normally cause any permanent damage. Generic glass cleaner is really a much better cleanser to your glass shelves, as it will not leave any streaks or films. White vinegar together with water may also work as a good cleaner but it gives you a sour smell in the air and isn’t as effective.

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The cloth used for wiping while cleaning can also be important while cleaning glass shelves. Scratchy materials such as steel wool or plastic scrub pads can permanently damage the top of glass and definitely will give it a dull, scratched appearance. While working with a cleaning product or dusting them, it is best to use a soft bit of fabric for wiping the glass shelves. Newspaper sheets or paper towels can be handy however they may tear when wet and your glass shelves might be left with a lot of wet paper pieces as a result.

The Best Ways Of Cleaning Glass Shelves

You’ll want every one of the necessary materials close at hand before you start cleaning the glass shelves. First, you ought to carefully remove all things that are on the shelves. Make sure that you do not scratch the glass with any sharp corners and be cautious not to drop any heavy objects because they could chip an edge or shatter shelves. After the glass shelves are completely cleared of things, perform a quick look-over to spot any potential issues. If your shelf is cracked or even a screw is loose, the shelf may not be dependable. Even if the screws do not appear loose, it never hurts to give them another turn using a screwdriver.

You have to next turn your focus on the surface of the glass shelves and clean that. Gently wipe away any loose dust that may cause scratching. Spray each shelf using the glass cleaner and wipe it clean, with a circular motion. Before putting all the items into the glass shelves, make sure that all streaks are removed which means that your glass shelves can certainly still look their best.