Milgo/Bufkin is a Leading Custom Fabricator Of Architectural Metal

A privately owned and operated business for four generations, Milgo/Bufkin combines state-of-the-art technology and old-world artisanship in the custom fabrication of architectural metal. They manufacture to their clients’ specs through utilizing the most sophisticated CAD software, giant press brakes, metal shears, laser and water jet cutters, punches, and precision welding equipment. Concerning Metal Laser Cutting, the Company’s laser system is CNC controlled for accurate cutting. They can cut items from heavy gauge stainless steel plate to aluminum to soft materials such as plastics. The Organization can take clients’ designs in several formats. These include computer files, sketches, or drawings. They offer metal laser cutting services for high precision metal laser cutting & engraving, ADA compliant Braille signs, routing, and custom business signage. Furthermore, they offer these services for small and large production runs, prototyping & production, countersinking, and more.

Milgo/Bufkin is an organization with a rich history working with metal. Since 1916, they’ve engaged in projects transforming stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze, titanium, along with other materials into useful objects that are aesthetically pleasing. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Company has grown from a modest metal shop with one press brake to today’s major organization. They are a top fabricator of Column Covers. They manufacture column covers in a customer’s choice of metal, style, size, color, along with finish. Furthermore, they’re set up to handle long runs as well as limited special orders for column covers.

Milgo/Bufkin has an experienced staff of CAD technicians and engineers. They work with clients, using their sketches or emailed files, to achieve their customers’ visions in metal. The Company finishes metals in mirrored surfaces in addition to bright brushed, satin, painted, enameled, and custom finishes. The Company provides Metal Bending services and uses numerous techniques to deliver customers’ metal bending projects cost-effectively and efficiently.