miniLUK Advance intellectual development system

Playing and figuring out are the primary model principles behind this miniLUK. It is recognized that kids discover greatest when having fun. Playing is the way kids study, especially for the younger ones. If they have fun with challenging, exciting, smartly designed and age proper material, they learn and benefit more. This is because their brains are stimulated, enriched, allowing them to achieve better level considering ability.

Using the required controller tiles as they participate in with the system, kids improve fine motor ability as well as improve their eye hand coordination. The contents of the system target on the intellectual improvement factors of memory, attentiveness, visual perception, logical considering, linguistic and mathematical skills. These elements also function as the foundations not only for learning to read, write, and do math, but also for continued lifelong studying.

By utilizing both hands and brain, eye hand coordination as well as greater considering capability can be successfully achieved. For older children the capability to discover numbers and place them in sequence is greatly enhanced. Delaying children’s gratification by way of the system’s distinctive design is another theory behind LUK system. Study has demonstrated that children who can delay their gratification, that is to wait for their reward, will be more successful than their friends in the future.

bambinoLUK system is made to improve kids studying via play when meeting individual requires. It contains one easy-to-use 6-tile controller and a series of workbooks targeted for children’s intellectual and developmental progress.

The principle of this system is for children to experience and learn simultaneously. Using colorful, vivid illustrations, and age applicable yet challenging contents, and a consistent learning design, bambinoLUK offers successful training in the areas of memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic knowledge, and primary math.

The elegantly developed controller consists of 6 large and sturdy tiles in a high-quality transparent case. The entire playing process will reinforce their fine motor ability while improving their eye-hand and brain coordination. The innovative model features a self-checking system along with a colorful dotted design. system is built to improve children’s studying via play and is versatile enough to adjust to an individual’s ability. It includes one easy-to-operate controller with 12 tiles and a series of workbooks targeted for various rational developmental aspects.

The principle of this system is for children to experiment with and learn at the same time. Together with vivid drawings, challenging elements, and a consistent learning model, miniLUK offers more complex activities in the areas of graphic perception, memory, awareness, vital thinking, linguistic abilities, as well as mathematical skills.

The elegantly developed controller consists of 12 tiles in a high-quality plastic case with a clear lid. The playing activities encourage children’s ability to figure out numbers and reinforce their good motor skills while improving their eye-hand coordination. The revolutionary model features a self-checking system with a unique symmetric pattern.

The LUK learning system has been translated into 16 languages and made available for mom and dad and educators in 50 countries.

Produced from LUK system’s unique design,miniLUK Advance offers a complete studying system for children from 5 years old and above. It’s great for parent-guided playing, self-sufficient studying, or small-group playing.