Moving Home: Bean Bags for Indoors, Bean Bags for Outdoors

I have recently renovated my home and have given many rooms a reshuffle and a lick of paint. In the process I found that buying new furniture for every room was not financially feasible. That was until I stumbled across bean bags. Flexible and fun, bean bags are funky pieces of furniture that work and add vibrancy to any room in the house. They can be overstated or understated depending on what colour or design you opt for and are both fun and useful for people of all ages and sizes. Sit on a bean bag, lay on one, sleep on one or play on one. Beanbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The XL bean bag is fantastic for adults. My husband has not moved an inch since we got it, I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, preferring to use it over the sofa which is okay with me as it allows me to lounge on an evening. The XL bean bag really is XL. It can be used outdoors in decent weather and is simply wiped clean when dirtied. Unlike other bean bags this is shaped as a chair and functions as extra seating in any room. However in our house it has become the primary seat due to its comfort and quirkiness.

If you have ever thrown a garden party or had some friends round for an outside get together in the sun, then you will know how important good quality comfortable seating is. Nobody likes to sit on the grass and get their clothes grass stained. Outdoor bean bags are a Godsend for people who like to take advantage of the sun and move the living room outdoors.

For the garden decking area I chose outdoor kids bean bags called Kids Seat Pods. These are extremely cute stool like bean bags that come in packs of 5 for less than fifty quid. They are excellent value and I have had many friends ask me where I got them from. I got them from Bean Bag Bazaar. They come in a variety of colours and delivery comes at no added extra cost.

My husband is a big gamer and has been wanting his own games room for years now. I finally shut him up and let him have the spare little room as his own personal games room. The gaming bean bag chair caught his eye and he has not been off it since. This may or may not be a good thing in your household, put it this way, Im not complaining yet.

Bean bags have been my saviour with the rejuvenation of my new home. For a fraction of the price of conventional furniture I now have light, cool and extremely comfortable furniture for a fraction of the price of what is considered normal furniture. Bean bags really do look great anywhere in the house or garden.