My Dirt 2 Review

Are your feeling dirty? I mean dirt 2 that is. Dirt2 is the hottest racing game to hit the Xbox 360 consoles in years. It’s an off-road racing game that includes trophy trucks, rally cars. Class one buggies, and many more. If you want to be thrown into the most realistic off road racing game that there is this is it. Not only is the single player amazing taking you all across the globe to real race events with real driving pros! Alone with the great single player the multiplayer is also amazing. With the option to do a jam session along with seven of your friends you can do the pro tour in teams of four to try to get your rank higher.

You start out as a one and for each race you get points from not only doing good in the race but also completing preset missions that you can see in the options screens. Some of that mission consists of taking out a certain amount of trees and etc. or another one is spin daddy, it pretties self-explanatory. Dirt2 is game for all ages and can be enjoyed by many people. Who doesn’t like to drive cars over hundred and wreck your best friend and get away with it? I know I do. If you have doubts about the game don’t go out and by yourself a copy and you will be one happy customer. These are just a few of the reasons why I like to get Dirty!!!

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