My Funny, Cool Granny

This week I see my grandma. I enjoy visiting her, even if she’s become a little stubborn in her old age. I won’t embarrass her by sharing her years, but let’s just say she’s a lady with thoroughly practiced wisdom.

The last time I visited her I brought in my yamaha keyboard so I could perform some music for her. She enjoyed it, but regrettably because she is not entirely there, she kept disrupting me to inquire of me to help her find a all in one fax. Yes, she actually uses a computer. And perhaps she was disrupting me because I’m just that weak at playing the keyboard.

I constantly find something enigmatic at her home when I visit. Last time, I discovered several guides on penny stocks on her coffee table. My nanna studying about penny stock trading? That’s nuts. I wonder what I will encounter on her coffee table this time.

This month will make for a busy visit. I have to put in her new Emtek door knobs and air conditioner filters then fix her garden cart. I also have to bring her old pots and pans to charity as she just bought a new set of pots and pans to replace them. As a reward, she claims to also have purchased the best of the cheapest ice cream makers and the very best of all the electic coffee makers. I appreciate it, but I also have to chuckle as she invariably claims to have or utilize only the very best of this or that.

If everything goes well, she will employ both to dish me some sweet java in the morning and ice cream in the evening. This sounds like more than reward enough for my effort. I am happy to help her out for nothing, but a bit of robust java and tasty ice cream doesn’t bother me.