My Shopping Genie

My Shopping Genie” the Free Shopping App

There is a small free application on the Internet that allows people to check the prices of any product before they make a decision to purchase. This small App is called “My Shopping Genie”, and is able to surf the web for you and find the best price for the product you are looking for.

“My Shopping Genie” is very handy for people who are thinking of buying a new product at home; say for instance that you want to buy a new washing machine. You know of one at your local store, but you’re not very happy with the price.

Put the name and the model of the washing machine into the Google search bar, and the “Free Shopping Genie” will present you with several pages with various prices. Some of these prices will be from stores in your local area.

Take the best price from the information you found down to your local store, and asked the salesman to match it. Most companies will allow for this and you can save money. Some families are saving $200 per month by using “My Shopping Genie”.

“My Shopping Genie” can be used to check product prices in five countries; they include America, Canada, Australia the United Kingdom and Ireland. People from other countries can still use the Free Genie when they need to check prices before travelling to any of these countries.

Let’s assume that you are looking at Barratts shoes on the new shoe shop at, but you wanted to check and see if you could get the shoes cheaper, The Genie would do all of the work for you.

The person downloading a “Free Shopping Genie” does not have to pay any extra money when they are using the “Free Shopping Genie” or buying products online. The only difference they will notice is that it is easier to find better bargains after downloading the Genie than it was before.

Many new home-based businesses are starting up, because of “My Shopping Genie”. People can start a new business, and earn a good income, simply by giving away a “free Shopping Genie”. A commission is earned when the people you gave the free shopping Genie to, go shopping on the internet it works similar to “Pay Per Click” and “Affiliate Marketing”.

Go to “My Shopping Genie” and use this number “58184” to download the free shopping app.