Network Marketing with GVO: The Power of ONE!

Now let’s take a moment or two to find out how you can measure your progress and achieve your goals; I have put together some numbers based on something that is very simple and at the same time very powerful..

“The concept is based on you getting just ONE new referral each month and teaching that referral to do the same thing”

Understand that this will not cause you to become wealthy overnight. In fact, for
the first few months, it may seem like not much is happening at all. But if you
stick to the plan, the results can absolutely amaze you.

Here’s how the numbers evolves over a period of 12 months:

– In your first month, you are learning the system. You are watching the member’s area training videos and reading all the tutorials. You will discover how things work, and you will learn how to promote your site the proper way, and apply that knowledge to your affiliate site… and one day, when you open your email client, you’ll discover that you’ve actually been able to refer (drum roll please)..

“Your FIRST Team Member!”

You work with him (or her), showing him how and where to find the training videos and tutorials, explaining how to promote, etc… up to the point where he will refer his first team member!

You now have two team members in your organization and you have earned a healthy 50% commission from the first members’ monthly payment.

Depending on what you spent for advertising, leads, etc…you probably didn’t even break even, and this is where the whiners start to say things like..

“Hey – I am spending more money than I’m making – again. This obviously doesn’t work – again!”

– So they quit…

But not you!

– Because You know that success is a matter of focusing on and working toward your goal of financial independence.

– Because You know that if you could make just a few hundred extra dollars per month, your family’s situation would change in a big way.

So you continue pressing towards your goals.

You have now arrived at month 2, where you continue working with and supporting your two team members. You are showing them how to refer others and it is working great: they each get one new team member.

You also refer one new team member for yourself, so you now have a total of five in your team! You have also earned another 50% commission on your second team member, and most importantly qualify to receive the 5% MLM commission that pays five levels deep starting the following month.

It’s now month 3, and you continue this same process. You show each of your new team members how to personally refer one new team member — and you refer another one yourself!

This month you will receive yet another 50% commission check and your MLM commissions are increasing. You’re not exactly rolling in the big bucks yet but you are seeing progress, and in the meantime, the team members that have given up are sending you ads about how they finally found the latest and greatest thing and that you really should join them. (Yes – it happens to me all the time)

This is probably their fourth or fifth great deal in the past 3 months, but you shake your head, invite them to come back and work with your team and then continue focusing on building your business. (The key to success is to focus!!)

You have reached month 4, and you continue this process, but by now you are earning enough in MLM commissions to more than cover the monthly subscription fee for your TITANIUM account.

You also continue to receive the 50% commission checks because you are referring at least one new team member. Your MLM commissions are going up because your organization is doing the same thing as you are; i.e referring ONE new team member per month.

Your team is working together and things are starting to pick up.

Arriving at month 5, this keeps going and because you are personally referring new team members, you are now fully qualified for the full 10 levels of the 5% MLM commission (requires 4 direct referrals). You may even start seeing some profits now.

Continuing to month 6, you are beginning to see things build up some solid momentum. Your MLM commissions took a nice jump and your GVO income is now building up quite nicely.

By month 7, you are really happy you stuck with the system, and it’s very revitalizing to notice that Your team is working together very well. Your organization and your checks continue to grow. Although it is starting to feel easy as You and your team are building momentum, and it’s important to keep pushing the wheel and keep focusing on the one new member per month plan.

It’s now month 8, and you’re earning enough to cover a very nice car payment, maybe pay off some credit card bills, or have a little getaway weekend with your spouse or friends.

Arriving at month 9, you are really getting excited. You are starting to see several hundred dollars per month in your commission statement from GVO, and you know that things are going to keep building because you are more focused than ever. You are probably referring more than one team member per month now (hey – why stop at one right?), and you’ve got some people on your team that are really starting to take off.

Continuing to month 10, you have crossed over into that area where you are making over $1,000 per month in MLM commissions and I can only say: Congratulations! You’ve stuck with your plan this far and it is really starting to pay off.

It’s now month 11, at which time you are seriously starting to think about firing your boss! (Or at least paying off some of those debts). Your income is high enough now that most people would be able to consider quitting their regular jobs and doing this full-time.

And arriving at the full year since you started this journey (the 12th month), you’re making the kind of income that most people just dream about and you’re doing it from home on your computer. By now, friends and family are starting to ask, “What are you doing now?” (instead of laughing at your efforts) and things are so much easier than when you started!

Here is how the numbers build up with the “Power of One” system:
Month 1: 2 Team members
Month 2: 5 Team members
Month 3: 11 Team members
Month 4: 23 Team members
Month 5: 47 Team members
Month 6: 95 Team members
Month 7: 191 Team members
Month 8: 383 Team members
Month 9: 767 Team members
Month 10: 1,535 Team members
Month 11: 3,071 Team members
Month 12: 6,142 Team members

And once you have reached 14 personally referred team members you will receive a profit position, which is just like getting another membership account, at which point your income potential is truly unlimited and you are doing very, very well.

“Life is GREAT!”

OK, OK – Stop It! – time for a reality check…

Unfortunately most people in life give up before they ever get to see these kinds of results. You can compare it with this…

– If you were to start out on a journey from New York City to Los Angeles, you would cover well over 2,000 miles… closer to 3,000 miles before you even saw Los Angeles looming in the distance.

Now – imagine if you were to travel 2,500 miles and then quit! You didn’t reach LA at all. You might even go back to New York and tell people, “Los Angeles doesn’t exist. That whole thing is just a scam to get you to buy more gas and buy newer, more expensive cars.

Of course, there are millions of people living in Los Angeles, and they know it DOES exist, but You just didn’t finish the journey.

So again – I repeat: in order to reach the destination of your dreams, you..


Your results will vary from this small story, because this layout assumes a perfect mathematical world, and as we all know and experience the world is not a perfect place — and things do change.

I know some team members that are way ahead of schedule on this plan and I know team members that are a little behind schedule. If your business is not growing at this rate, that’s OK. You can catch up, believe me.

If your income level matches Month 3, Month 4, or even Month 1 (regardless of
when you actually started) then commit today to begin working from that point

At least – say to yourself, “OK… I’m at Month X… Today I am going to start from here and focus all the way through Month 12 and beyond!

Go back to your GVO back office and review the Training Videos and tutorials and the Affiliate Commission Plan. Let it sink in just how simple this plan really is. Believe it or now, but GVO have been in business in 12 years which is amazing in the world of Internet Marketing.

Thanks to the terrific management, they are growing like never before. People
are starting to catch on to the power of picking and working with a solid company with a proven track record instead of bouncing from one hyped up offer
to another.

Now when you see how powerful this system is – simply commit to doing two things:
1) WORKING the plan consistently for at least a year.
2) Teaching your organization how to do the same.

– Some will fall away. This is a fact of life.

– Some will stay right on course.

– Others will exceed your expectations and this plan.

“The point is to focus and stick with it to see the results you want!”

Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Remember – Your upline is just a click away in the Downline Tree.