New Build in Spain

And why not!    Building a new house is a long, tedious and tortuous process and it doesn´t matter which country you build it in If you don´t follow the rules, things can so easily go wrong.  In any country, you will need to apply for licenses and permits  The granting of these licenses always seems to take the Authorities a very long time!

The Press and Media seem very anxious that we know all the horrendous details when things go wrong  Of course this happens, but we only ever  hear half the story.  Rarely do we hear of the majority of times when things go as they should, and everybody is delighted with the result.

You want to build a house on the piece if land you have in Spain  First, clarify your ´necessities´ from your wishful thinking!   How many bedrooms, bathrooms, salons etc  do you really need?!   You will frequently be living and eating outside in Spain´s warm climate, don´t forget So, patios and possibly a swimming pool will be needed, or the latter can be added later.  Now you need an Architect, Lawyer and a Builder, preferably all who speak English  Your Architects advice on what you can and can have architecturally will help to finalise your build plans  Permits and Building Licences can be applied for by your Architect when you are totally satisfied with the plans   This may take a little time, as both he and your Solicitor must satisfy themselves that there are no restrictions or bye-laws on the land.

While waiting for licences, your Solicitor, your Builder and you should draw up a contract for the cost of the build.  The builder will have costed a global price for the total build, so now is the time to be clear of your spend budget  Based on your budget, he will cost-in the materials, window frames, tiles etc.  If these, or anything else is not to your liking, now is the time for you to advise your Builder. It will cause little hassle to change things now rather than wait until building has started   It may cost you extra to make changes, so bear this in mind!

Your land is clear of restrictions, your plans are accepted by the Town Planners your building contract has been finalized, so building can commence!