New Computer Keyboard

Are you in the market for a new computer keyboard? There are so many options available; it is imperative to select the right unit the first time around. This will save time, money, and frustration. Check out

We review a wide variety of individual keyboards. We also look at keyboard reviews and give our suggestions based on price, type, and how good the consumer reviews are. We give suggestions in three main price points: low, mid-range, and high. This includes different types of keyboards such as those used exclusively for gaming.

In general there are two main manufacturers of good quality keyboards; those brands are Logitech and Microsoft. However, there are many other makers who have decent reviews at a lower price (these keyboards generally receive 1 to 3 stars on consumer reviews and therefore do not get our approval.)

When it comes to special keyboards, such as the mechanical type, these two manufacturers do not make the leading keyboards and we review the leading manufacturers. Did you know there are multiple types of keyboards based on what you use it for the most? There are basic keyboards for those who primarily use the computer for data entry. Elaborate keyboards are made for the individuals who play hours of games.

Programmable keys (usually between 6 and 24) are standard on the gaming keyboard along with a backlit display. Inexpensive entry level units are available for the user who does not need a “fancy” unit or is on a strict budget. On the other hand, mechanical units are for those who need a quicker response time than the typical rubber keyboard gives; rubber keyboards account for approximately 90% of the market. Before you head to the store to make your next keyboard purchase, be sure to visit to get the right unit….the first time.