New Dyslexia Test

Dyslexia seems to be caused by faulty communication between the eyes and the brain; the eyes send the signals but the brain does not interpret these signals clearly. One of the results is that dyslexics “see” things differently. Dyslexics require special training to be able to interpret what they see in ways that let them extract the necessary info to be able to interpret them correctly.

Often the first indication of dyslexia shows up as problems with reading. To read one must see the letters of words correctly and then interpret these letters into words and the words into sounds and thoughts/ideas. Various types of dyslexia can complicate this process of perception and translation

The word “dyslexia” consists of “dys” – not working, as in “dysfunctional” and “lexia” – as in “lexicon” a dictionary of words or terms. This origin comes from the often observed problem that those with dyslexia have with reading.

Approximately 1 person in every 10 has some type of dyslexia, to some degree.

There are symptoms of dyslexia that many educators are trained to look for, such as difficulty with reading aloud. In the final analysis there is only one way to detect/prove the presence of dyslexia and measure its severity.

That’s by way of professional testing for dyslexia.

The good news is, in the last year or so, there is now an outstanding accredited dyslexia test online.

You can get yourself an online dyslexia test which you can take in your own home, on your pc, over the internet.

The whole test takes a little over half an hour. Also, it is very economical; costs less than a trip to your medical professional!

Do you ever have trouble reading? Might you be dyslexic? Ever receive a test for dyslexia? Do you know someone who could be dyslexic? A quick test could change their lives for the better!

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By Horacio Griffin