Nutritional Supplements

The optimal functioning of the human anatomical system depends on a rich and varied diet. Food is the continuous energy source for the body, as it can only store minerals and vitamins for a short period of time. Cell growth and repair, digestion, reproduction, concentration, memory and all the rest, could not be possible if blood did not carry the necessary nutrients to each and every cell in the system. Whenever nutrients cannot be taken from food because of some imbalance in the diet, nutritional supplements can be administered temporarily to help the system recover.

Elderly people in particular need nutritional supplements as they may not eat enough or their body may not process food correctly to absorb all the nutrients necessary. People with a less stressful lifestyle seem to absorb minerals and vitamins better than those exposed to high stress levels. Other situations in which the absorption of nutrients is impaired are encountered with smokers or heavy drinkers. Both alcohol and nicotine create imbalances, and disturb the functions of the organs.

You should use nutritional supplements according to the recommendations, particularly if you haven’t talk to a doctor about using them. It is difficult and even dangerous to self-diagnose, therefore, you should not use nutritional supplements whenever you feel stressed or tired. It is much better to improve lifestyle and eating habits than try to compensate for a poor diet with some pills. Food is the main source of nutrients, and if you cannot substitute it with anything. Food from all categories should be combined harmoniously, and only if they are not enough and there is some serious deficiency, should you consider nutritional supplements.

Weight loss, chronic disease and stress are the situations when people feel inclined to use nutritional supplements. Everybody is looking for a solution to feel better, relax or cope with all the challenges. Well, unless you make some lifestyle changes, no supplement is going to help you. You will get all the answers you want from a dietitian or doctor.

Do not disregard your doctor’s advice on nutritional supplements. Sometimes such products could interfere with some kind of treatment you follow for a chronic disease. Be informed and be open with your doctor about whatever supplements you want to use. Formulas in supplements are indeed balanced but there is no magic supplement that you could try and solve your health problem out of the blue. The key here is to get a balanced lifestyle rather than some supplement to keep you functional.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the information here is provides as a guide only. Consult a doctor before taking any medical advice.

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