One afternoon in Fort Myers Beach Florida just isn’t enough

Last winter my spouse and i took a vacation to Florida. We spent three weeks there during that time we attempted to visit as many locations as we could. One of the very first places that we stopped at was Ft Myers Beach. We only had 1 day there however it was enough to make us want to get back and rent a Fort Myers villa.

Our excursion to Ft Myers Beach started off at the beach of course. I would suggest arriving at the beach early in order to find easy parking. We lucked out because when we got to the vehicle parking area a group of people were departing and they hadn’t used all of the time on the parking pass so they offered it to us to use. That right there put the two of us in a excellent mood because it was just a nice random thing for them to do. We walked towards the beach and the first thing that I noticed was how fine the sand is. It practically didn’t feel like sand at all. It is really soft and powdery and super white. There were lots of people on the beach that day despite the fact that for me it wasn’t the warmest time to go swimming. Granted it was like 70 some degrees outside but I want it to be in the 80’s if I am going to get wet.

When we were done at the beach we got back in the car to find a good spot to eat. There is just one main road to and from Fort Myers Beach and everything is more or less on that street so it is nearly impossible to get lost which makes it simple to find restaurants, also all of the Fort Myers Beach vacation homes are close to everything. The place we selected was named the Beached Whale. Now in reality it looks like a dive bar but a lot bigger. They have a fantastic deck on the 2nd floor that’s ideal for enjoying the sunset however it fills up really quick so if you would like to sit up there I would suggest going early so you can get a spot. It really is definitely worth it though. I would say the only thing better than the view was the incredible food. They had a great appetizer menu so we ordered off of that so we could try a couple of various things. My all-time favorite were the steamed mussels that came in this broth that was delicious it was hard to not just drink it. The staff were really nice and even though they were totally slammed the service was still speedy. I will definitely return there.

I can’t wait to go back to Fort Myers Beach and stay in a Fort Myers vacation rental there so we can have more time to enjoy the place. I had an awesome day there and so i know when my spouse and I go back and have a lot more time it will be better than the trip before.