Paint stripper Paint Remover, is the common name given to solvent mixtures manufactured to eliminate paint along with other finishes and also to clean the underlying surface. The principal active ingredient is usually dichloromethane. Formulations with orange oil (or other terpene solvents), N-methylpyrrolidone, esters such as dibasic esters (often dimethyl esters of shorter dicarboxylic acids, sometimes aminated, for example, adipic acid or glutaamic acid), aromatic hydrocarbons, dimethylformamide, and other solvents are known as well. The formula differs according to the type of paint and the character of the underlying surface. Nitromethane is another commonly used solvent. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a less toxic alternative solvent used in some formulations. Paint strippers normally come in a liquid, or a gel (“thixotropic”) form which clings even to vertical surfaces.

The principle of paint strippers is penetration of the paint film by the molecules of the active ingredient, resulting in its swelling; this volume increase causes internal strains, which will, along with the weakening of the layer’s adhesion and the underlying surface, leads to the separation of the layer of the paint from the substrate.

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Until recently their products were only selectively available for institutional use. Now their full line of products are readily available to painters, decorators, contractors, municipalities, institutions, commercial facilities, and school systems that value the environment, but require high strength graffiti, paint, and gum removers.

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Noop’s Coup offers the following products:

Fence and Deck Cleaner (a non-chlorine dry bleach product designed to wash wooden fences, decks, concrete walks, driveways and roofs. It kills mildew and the molds stachbotrys and aspergillus. It will help to kill microorganisms over time. It removes streaks and stains while restoring the natural patina of wood. It neutralizes mold and mildew, and lowers the pH in wood. It lightens and brightens fences, decks and roofs).

Their Floor Stripper (has long been specifically designed to remove paint, polyurethanes, enamels and varnish from wood, metal, concrete, slate, and marble floors. This product can be rinsed off with water or used with no wash off. It is excellent for industrial and commercial use).

The following products are described in detail on their website Graffiti Remover Away 1, 2, 3, and 4, Graffiti Remover Tool Wobblers 1 and 2, Gum Remover Liquid, Hand Cleaner, Label Remover Away, Paint Remover Away 1, 2, 3, and 4, Paint Remover Vintage Paint, Paint Varnish Stain Remover Liquid and Paint Varnish Stain Remover Semi Paste.