Pondering the Effectiveness of Wrinkle Creams

The world over, women are united in their quest to be rid of wrinkles.  However, this quest entails some confusing questions.  Out of the myriad anti wrinkle products available, which is the best?  What effect on the skin do these creams actually have?  It is not the fault of women that these questions are difficult to answer.

For one thing, the average woman is bombarded with conflicting and grandiose claims by beauty manufacturers every time she turns on the television.  Cosmetics giants churn out product after product ‘guaranteed’ to remove wrinkles by 100% or reduce them to the point of invisibility.

Indeed, television has given women access to advertisements for literally hundreds of anti aging skin care products.  And advertisements, for the most part, work superbly well–they sell their product.  Only after parting with considerable amounts of cash do millions of disappointed women realise that the celebrity-endorsed products have failed to tap into the fountain of youth.

The situation being thus riddled with misinformation, how does one determine the true effectiveness of any wrinkle product?  The key is to be aware of the root cause of wrinkles. 

Simply put, wrinkles are caused by a lack of the skin’s two youth-preserving proteins–elastin and collagen.  As a person ages, the body synthesises these proteins less efficiently.

As a result, fine lines begin to appear all over the face, often beginning at the corners of the eyes (‘crow’s feet’).  Many cosmetic companies have spent millions in an effort to reverse this ageing process.

Deciding which product is best for your skin is a personal and complicated question.  As a rule, choose only reputable and well-reviewed brands.  Your skin is irreplaceable, so beware of becoming addicted to using multiple products at once.

The good news is, a reputable eye wrinkle cream will at least do no harm to your skin.  Do your research–beauty magazines frequently feature articles about various anti-wrinkle products, and by comparing reviews you should be able to effectively gauge the value of various products.