Popular daiquiri and mrgarita

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There are beers, wine, whiskies, brandies, rums, gins, etc. Man spent a lot of time in history fermenting Mother Nature’s bounty. But after creating so many different alcoholic beverages, how can man coax more taste out of liquor?

By mixing them.

And so man made the cocktail.

Man made many cocktails. Mixtures upon mixtures were created with a variety of names. There’s the Roadrunner and the Rob Roy. There are other cocktails called the Paralyzer, the Molotov Cocktail, the Ice Bomb and the Banana Banshee. Those are just a sample. But the most popular cocktail of them all is the Margarita.

There are many stories on the origins of this famous drink. One story has the bartender make a special drink for a friend of the bar’s owner. Another story declares that the beverage was a wedding present. And then another Margarita creation story relates that this was made to court a lady. There are many other stories. Some have more details than others. Some are more believable. But whichever the correct one may be, the point is the Margarita was made.

Here is how to make a Margarita.


1 ½ oz tequila
½ oz triple sec
dash of lime juice
lime wedge
3 oz sour mix
ice cubes


Pour the tequila, triple sec, lime juice, sour mix and ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.
Shake well
Salt the rim of a chilled margarita glass.
Pour the shaken mixture into the glass.
Garnish with a lime wedge.

That is one of the many ways to make a Margarita. This beverage has proven so popular that it spawned countless variations. There is the Coco Margarita that replaces the lime juice with pineapple juice and cream of coconut. Another variation is the Blue Margarita, which adds blue curacao and leaves off the sour mix and the triple sec. One more variation is the Bloody Margarita. Like the Blue Margarita, it takes away the triple sec and the sour mix and replaces it with blood orange juice and Cointreau.

As long as there is a party, this popular drink will live on. If yoy want to make you life easier you can hire a daiquiri machine and she will do it for you,