Proper Removal of Atlanta Fire and Cigarette Smoke Removal

Smoke odor can be very difficult to eradicate whether it is brought on by cigarette smoking or a fire incident.  There can be quite a few factors that can contribute to how powerful the odor is and the difficulty level of eradicating it.  One of which is humidity level.  In the city of Atlanta, Georgia for example humidity levels during summer can be excessive.  And humidity mixed with smoke residues can increase the scent of smoke.  The combination can also cause staining.

Smoke smell brought on by cigarette smoking can be less difficult to remove in comparison to that triggered by fire incident.  In most cases, the intervention of smoke odor removal Atlanta companies may not be necessary.  Cigarette smoke can be limited to one space whereby smoke brought on by fire can be present in all areas of a house or business establishment.

You can start off removing cigarette smoke by washing fabric materials like curtains, rags and carpets; these are the things that smoke clings to the most.  Furniture with fabric that cannot be washed can be cleaned with baking soda-a organic cleansing agent obtainable in the baking area of a grocery store.  To use this, just sprinkle on top of fabric, leave overnight and vacuum the next day.  Putting charcoal in all corners of the space can also assist to absorb any other cigarette smoke odor.

The mentioned steps can also be utilized when eradicating smoke smell triggered by fire.  Before these however, issues like soot or burned pieces of wood/other supplies need to be eliminated from the home first.  They can be a powerful supply of smoke smell.

Soot can be challenging to eliminate since it has an oily composition that even detergent solutions cannot remove.  A mistaken method may just trigger the soot to cling even more or trigger wall paint to fade.  One way of dealing with soot is by utilizing a pretreated sponge made specifically for elliminating soot.

The use of ozone generators to eliminate smoke has grown in reputation in particular among smoke odor removal Atlanta companies.  These generators can generate an ozone fog which can leak through hard to reach areas to eliminate smoke.  When choosing this sort of treatment for your household however, it is ideal to go over safety precautions with the company you get in touch with first.