Property Investments in Mallorca with a Structural Survey.



  Avoid problems and save money and have a survey carried out on a prospective property purchase.   You cannot automatically assume that because the property you are buying in Mallorca (Majorca) or Spain has a high value, that the build is also of high quality.

Many very smart and well located properties can prove to suffer significant defects (as for many cheaper properties).   So appointing a professional building surveyor to assess the condition of your chosen Mallorcan property is strongly advised, as this reason shows, a high value property can simply mean higher investment risk.


Knowing the true condition of a property by the defects spotted by a building surveyor will help you negotiate a lower price and enable you to make better investment decisions when buying in Mallorca or Spain.  There is a difference in construction techniques between those in Northern Europe, the US, Russia, other countries and the Spanish territories.  The survey will allow you to evaluate one property type against another and point out the benefits, advantages and implications of various build techniques in Mallorca.



Insect attack (including termites), damp, steel reinforced concrete decay, water pipe decay, retaining wall failure, pile failure and subsidence are just a few of the defects prevalent in Spain and Mallorca.  The building will be assessed for signs of these and many other possible defects which includes damp meter inspection.  Signs of instability in swimming pool structures and design defects are also assessed.  CCTV and infrared camera inspections are also available where required.  Whilst building surveyors in Mallorca are rare, defects I  buildings both new and old, are common.


An interim inspection of the structural elements for new build sites prior to completion and final payment, can be highly valuable.  This will highlight any significant omissions or defects which might be covered up later and to help ensure that the constructor addresses any issues, essentially before they have received all monies.  Works vigilance is also a common surveyor function, as architect control can be poor in Spain.  There is also a snagging service on completion.  So, even on a new project it is well worth having a surveyor in Mallorca check on progress.



 Known defects such as timber insect infestation, ongoing subsidence or damp in existing properties on Mallorca whose owners may need advice, in addition to surveys for prospective purchasers of Mallorcan property.  Investigative opening up of elements and written expert opinions can also be prepared for Court actions and ¨Decenal¨ insurance policy claims.  If your purchase is new and ´guaranteed´ it is important that you still have a survey.  Court action, which is slow, will be required in the event of claims against the contractor, architect or decenal insurers and costly.  Such claims typically affect buyers who failed to have a building survey during the purchasing process.


There are 19 different and diverse types of surveyor from Arts and Antiques to Mineral Surveyors.  Specialists in Structural Surveys are called Building Surveyors. 

Always check that your surveyor holds professional indemnity insurance, is degree qualified in Building Services and belongs to a recognized chartered professional body.

Their professional qualification should also be recognized in Spain.


The Consejo General de la Arquitectura Tecnica de Espana (CGATE) officially define ¨Building Surveyor¨ as Experto en Construcción – Expert in Construction.  Experto en construcción.



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About the Author

Mark Paddon graduated with a 1st class Hons degree from Liverpool Sir John Moores University in 1992 winning the end of course prizes for best student and best dissertation. He has worked and lived in Spain for the last 10 years preparing buyer’s surveys and expert witness reports (in both English and Spanish) for defects related court actions, as well as reporting for respected Insurers.

Mark has consulted for UK Chanel 4 and ITV appearing in ¨Selling Houses Abroad¨ as well as contributing to Spanish property books (including ¨How to buy Spanish property and move to Spain safely¨)


Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. FAS. CAAT 


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