Questech Sandgate and Dorset Collection

Leading backsplash tile supplier My Tile Backsplash is pleased to announce the addition of both the Sandgate and Dorset Collection from Questech to there vast selection of backsplash material.

The Sandgate and Dorset Collection offers an array of decorative accents in both a natural stone and a metal look. Each Series has three different categories within each of the Sandgate and Dorset lines.

Questech Metals – Questech invented a breakthrough technology, a process for casting beautiful metal objects at a fraction of the weight and cost of solid metals. This discovery led to the launch of the industry’s first mass produced metal tiles, creating an important new category in the tile and home improvement markets. The difference between the two series of Sandgate and Dorset Collections is the style offerings between them. The colors that are offered are the same, just different designs between the two series.

Questech Cast Stone – Questech broke the mold again, with their revolutionary product of the cast stone series. These decorative pieces have a resemblance of natural stone with the look of travertine and marble. The product offering in this category is phenomenal. The selection includes everything from a 2″ x 2″ to a large 16″ x 24″ mural. Again, the color offering between the Sandgate and the Dorset collection are the same, just the different designs associated with each series.

Questech Natural Stone – This includes a factory-sealed tumbled marble collection offered in both Castle Wheat and Casa Emperador. Tumbled marble tiles have better wear properties, warmer feels, softer appearance and a matte finish. Tumbled Marble with Q-Seal provides a built-in anti-bacterial protection. Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing mold and mildew. It is factory applied and will not lose its effectiveness over time. The added anti-bacterial protection makes the tiles ideal for showers, tub surrounds and kitchen backsplashes. They will never be the worry of having to reseal the tiles or worry about special stone cleaners.

As with all the products from Questech, each and every one of the products is sealed with their Q-Seal. The fear of sealing or water-damaged products does not exist with the Questech product line.