Residual Income Strategies

Have you ever racked your brain trying to come up with ways to enable yourself to quit your job?


I’ve been there as well but I unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice regarding the option to quit my job… The company went out of business and I was left with a major decision as to what direction I wanted my life to take.


The first and in my opinion most important thing you need to realize is that you have control, if that is not something you can bring yourself to believe there may be no point in learning how to make money


For people that are ready to move forward and start building things that can generate a freedom and quality of life never experienced before, now is the time to start.


Here is a list of ways to make residual income:


1.) Write a book and distribute to Amazon.

2.) Create a hit single and get the radio to play it!

3.) Make a website and generate profits from advertising and affiliate sales…

4.) Write for companies that pay residuals for articles online

5.) Join GPT websites and generate referrals (you will get a portion of your referrals income)

6.) Pick up photography and submit to stock photo companies

7.) Buy an apartment building and use a property management company to rent it out…


This is just a very small list of methods you can use to start making money online. The fact of the matter is that the mentality you have is key to success. Find ways to make money down the road each and every day.


Opportunities are out there and they are staring us in the face left and right. We have the power to control our lives and point them in the direction we would like to face… Ask yourself when you wake up in the morning “what am I going to do to generate residual income today?”


It does seem a bit corny having to state all these things but unless I reinforce them for myself I can’t continue to increase my success either so the mentality reinforces my own ambition and opportunities…