Resin Flooring

Resin floors deliver a monolithic, seamless surface that is resistant to alkalis, acids, greases and other aggressive media. Perfect for covering vast expanses of floor – for e.g. in leisure and industrial environments – resin is easy to clean, highly safe with non-slip qualities, hard wearing, and available in a wide spectrum of colours and finishes.

Benefits of Resin Flooring:
Durability – Every Onyx-Silikal application has a high mechanical loading capacity with good impact strength and abrasion resistance. The resin floor can withstand the pressures from heavy equipment to constant foot traffic.

Chemical resistance – Onyx-Silikal resin is resistant to many acids and alkalis.

Appearance – The installation of Onyx-Silikal resins incorporates a bespoke design element for including variations in floor colour, patterns and finishes.

Anti-slip – Safety comes first in all business environments which is why the anti-slip properties of Onyx-Silikal resins will be retained even after spillages.

Seamless bonding – Made from a series of layers, Onyx-Silikal bonds secure the base surface whether it is concrete, asphalt or steel to form a seamless surface. There are no joins in which to trap dirt or bacteria. Site Surveys, Free Quotation Service, Advice on Specification.

Hygienic floors for food industry, hospitals, kitchens and pharmaceuticals
Fridge and freezer floors
Industrial environments such as factories and aircraft hangers
Areas of high foot traffic such as rail and bus stations, airports, vehicle dealerships, retail stores, schools, colleges and universities
Leisure areas such as showers, hotels, toilets, swimming pools, camp-sites, nightclubs, pubs and health clubs
New designer range available – contact showrooms for details