Sell your house fast with these great tips!

To get the very best advice on selling a house, you need independent help from real estate experts that have bought and sold hundreds of houses. However, most sellers seek advice on selling a house from TV programmes, friends and families.

In other words, advice from family and friends that may have only ever sold once, twice or at most three times and from programmes offering mainly entertainment! What type of advice do you need when selling a House? There are quite a few things you will need in addition to independent advice from experts about selling a house.


Here’s a list of top four tips on selling a house.

Top Tip One:
Get a range of advice on your property’s price.

There are lots of property price advice websites out there, but be warned, many of them aren’t very good. All you really need to do is look up and down your road; within a half mile radius in a built up area or a three mile radius in a more suburban or rural area, and find properties that have recently sold whose prices are published on-line. Secondly you need to secure at least three agents’ valuations.

Number Two:
Seek advice when choosing the Estate Agents you request valuations from.

Once you have researched sold property prices, the best way to get property price advice is to seek a range of property price estimates from local agents that have been making freehold acquisitions for clients or selling your type of property over the last three to six months.

Number Three:
Get advice from a Conveyancing Company.

Most sellers don’t organise their legal requirements until they have an offer, this can waste four to eight weeks of time waiting for your legal company to put together information required by the buyer. Please look here for more information. If you secure a professional conveyancing company, they should be happy to carry out this work for you.

Tip Four:
Seek advice on how to best present your Property.

When selling any home it is crucial to present it in its best light. Firstly you need to ensure all rooms ‘do what they say on the tin’. Buyers can be put off by a ‘bedroom’ that is actually a study and they don’t believe you can get a bed in it. Secondly, you need to try to declutter, not to the point there is nothing of yours in the home, but basically this means ‘tidy up’! If you have lots of stuff on shelves, sort them out so they look presentable and if necessary put some in storage.