SEO experiments worth considering

SEO is currently a very common term inside the internet world and is very important if you wish to get traffic. The aim of SEO is to get your internet site ranked in the various search engines whatever the products you might be promoting whether it is week end golf or soins anti ride.

You’ll find different methods that exist in order to help you get your internet site rated on the search engines. The major problem with SEO is that it’s not an exact science and if you ask ten people the exact same question you are sure going to obtain 10 different answers. For me it is better that you simply make your own experiments in order to find out which technique work and those that don’t

For this reason I’ve developed some web sites for example tourisme equitable in order to assist me to perform some experiments with the diverse SEO approaches. Among the numerous experiments that I have done is whether or not duplicate content actually influence SEO. Even though most web owners agree that search engines punish duplicate content there are still some experts that reason that this is not usually true.

A lot of people state that the duplicate content is only penalized if it is on the same domain. This is actually the first test that I have completed. Another fascinating experiment that I’d like to perform is on PR sculpting. I’d be also interested to take a look at the effect of article directories on site ranking. Previously it was possible to rank your website just by posting some articles to the directories but not any longer.

By utilizing just one linkbuilding method for your website you’ll have a bad time having your internet site ranked. Certainly if you wish to get your site ranked you must combine various techniques. The Google Sandbox belief should also be thouroughly tested.

There are plenty of webmasters that agree that Google impose some form of penalty on internet sites that build backlinks rapidly. You may experience some problems to get your site ranked if you make use of only one approach. The Google sandbox is a hotly disputed topic and you’re sure to find people on both sides of the argument. This is just a short list of experiments which I have completed or will like to execute in the foreseeable future. This can allow us to reduce some SEO myths.