Setting Up Your Families Home Theater For Best Visual Effect – Really Get Into The Video With The Right Copper Cable

Replacing the standard speaker on the Television with a dedicated speaker system will make a substantial difference in the sound quality of your system, and your experience with it. It might mean anything to a soap viewer, but for gamers, movie and DVD watchers and those who se blu-ray, this could mean a world of difference. Of course most good TVs have built-in speakers but nothing compares to a full surround audio system. A common reason to buy an HD Television set, aside from the current mass marketing, is after viewing a friends or relatives new set.

The two things to consider before you buy a HD television set are to be sure of your expectations and your budget. If you are going to be buying – or already have – surround sound speakers, as a general rule of thumb, 10 percent of the TV’s cost should be spent on speaker cabling. You would also require av receivers or amplifiers to manage the external speakers. Though this topic demands another chapter, but this is an additional cost, which can run from several hundreds to thousands.

When buying and installing speakers you need to look at around five speakers to each sub-woofer that is fitted. Most speaker systems are configured so there are two rear speakers, left and right plus a central speaker. While each of these are independent but their positioning have to done in such a way that the seating place is in the center. Usually the av receivers/amplifiers can be suitably configured for the right volume output and the speakers positioned accordingly.

The purpose of a sub-woofer is to optimize the movie sounds and make it most realistic, so having one can greatly improve your movie watching experience. It brings sounds to life – it creates the small, but intensifying vibrations that we all know from watching movies at the cinema. Moreover the deep bass frequencies, which you hear from sub woofers, are practically from all sides as they are at the level or below human hearing levels. It is impossible to detect from which direction the sound is coming, so the sound of an earthquake feels as if it is happening all around us.

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The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in your room, but to get the best results depend on room size, floor type, furnishings, and wall construction. Sub-woofers are best positioned towards the front of the room either to the left or right of the main speakers. Second hand speakers are of course less expensive. One of the most superior choices for speakers, budget permitting is the Canton movie CD-1 (now CD-101) which has a sleek aluminum construction, superior looks, premium sound production and very attractive in its appearance.