Shady Canyon Home Properties

The best thing about properties for sale in Shady Canyon is that every purchase is an investment. In fact, these days, when real estate prices are relatively low, is the best time to purchase such high-level properties as those that Shady Canyon offers. When the market improves, Irvine homes for sale are also expected to appreciate and command as much as thrice the prices for which they are selling now.

In Shady Canyon, houses can grow up to 25,000 square feet in area, while the lot on which these homes stand can get as big as 130,000 square feet. If you are wondering how much something like this costs in Shady Canyon, here’s the deal: you have to have as much as $25,000,000 if you want to have a Shady Canyon address. These home sites are sprawled over Shady Canyon, about 400 of them have been zoned, of which 350 are custom-zoned and 24 are semi-custom villas. For more options, please visit home listings in Orange County.

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