Simple advice for choosing wood doors

There are many unique materials and styles available to select from when choosing an exterior door. The most common material include wood and steel. Manufacturers are also taking advantage of some of the qualities of new materials such as vinyl and fiberglass to create strong doors which do not require much maintenance. There are many advantages to a solid wood exterior door, including the natural beauty of the wood and the strength of the door.
 Wood doors can be found in a wide selection of woods including walnut, cedar, oak, pine, and mahogany. You will need to give your wood door periodic maintenance to give it protection from changing weather conditions. While many manufacturers will treat their wood exterior doors with a preservative they will still need to have a protective coating applied so they will last many years. You will find that wood exterior doors will expand and contract in responses to the changes in the moisture content of the air around them.
 Often the overall performance of the door will be determined on the climate in which they are installed. If you install a wood exterior door in a climate which is hot and moist it will need to have regular maintenance approximately once every year. Read about how to choose wood exterior doors. Steel is another material commonly used for exterior doors. These doors most often use a wood frame which have been filled with foam insulation which is then coated with a steel skin. Strenth and stability are provided by the wood frame while the foam core serves to make the door more energy efficient. Steel doors require very little maintenance.
 Fiberglass doors are made in a similar fashion as steel doors with fiberglass being used for the outer skin. These doors are very energy efficient and durable. The outer skin of fiberglass can even be embossed to give the look of real wood. Vinyl is one of the newest materials used to create exterior doors. The structure of these doors is created using chambers in the vinyl with additional safety and strength being provided by aluminum, wood, or steel. Vinyl exterior doors are known for excellent energy efficiency and the ability to stand up under just about any weather condition.