Six Pack Abs Checklist

Before you start trying to get six pack abs you should realize that it takes 3 different components to get them. These 3 elements can be done but it will take some grunt work to do them. All the info you need for wanting six pack abs is here. I will go into each component below. about six pack abs.

Your Diet

You may not realize this but you probably already have a six pack but they are hidden under a layer of body fat on your stomach. You have got the six pack from the activities you do normally everyday. Getting rid of the body fat layer is the challenge. You know what is good for you and what is not. Cut out the crappy foods now. What to eat is your choice. You have the knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat.

Your Sweat Exercise Regime

Here comes some sheer sweat work. To get a ripped abs you have to build those muscles so start doing exercises to not only get bigger abs but as a part of your complete body building routine. Thousands of crunches is not the answer, and to be honest with you, it could be doing you harm Have an overall exercise plan for getting six pack abs like the one here.

Your Mindset

Only by staying strong in your attitude wil you succeed. We all get tempted to stray off path occasionally. It is not going to happen overnight or by next week. Give yourself three months minimum to achieve your goal You can do it as I have seen quite a few do it by simply using this resource to mentor them or simply go to