How To Make Your House Unattractive To Criminals

The world is not safe and never has been. It is impossible for a person to live in a home that is 100% safe 100% of the time. Nevertheless, a home doesn’t really need to be built up like Fort Knox for you to be safe in it. The saying, “I don’t have to be able to outrun the bear, I just have to be able to outrun the person next to me”, is just as true for home security as it is for bears. This same rule can be applied to avoiding burglaries and home invasions.

Make your home hard to break into and thieves will generally seek out neighbors or people in other towns with less home security. Each layer of home security you add to your property gives you one more advantage over the people around you.

I wrote this article to give you some tips on making your home less attractive to burglars. Take the steps outlined in this article and let somebody else worry about getting robbed.

Firstly, it is important that you have an alarm system guarding your home at all times. Alarm systems frighten criminals and warn you that unwanted guests have arrived.

You don’t have to have the wireless home alarm system reviews, but you do need to have an alarm system setup. The best step you can take is to purchase whatever you can afford and buy better systems as your income increases. Any alarm system is better than no alarm system at all. However, if money is no object, I’d suggest you go with a wireless, cellular monitored, home automated alarm system with a good service provider. This can be a professionally installed system or a DIY system. You can read more about best diy alarm systems at

The next item you ought to think about is a fence. Many thieves commit crimes of opportunity. They walk by a house and they see something worth taking so they simply stroll over and try to take it. Put up a wooden fence and criminals won’t know what you have to steal.

Unfortunately, wooden fences can sometimes have the opposite effect on criminals. Criminals will see that they have a fence to hide behind and will hop over it to see what you have. For criminals such as this, you’ll want to have zone alarms setup in your yard. A zone alarm will alert you to any people lurking around your yard. These alarms will be especially useful because you’ll know that they are only be set off by people who have climbed over your fence. Homes without fences might simply have pedestrians walking a little off of the sidewalks.

After this, you’ll want to make sure you have lit up your yard nice and bright. Criminals love to strike when its dark out because they can hide under cover of darkness. Light up your yard with flood lights, solar pathway lights, and any other lighting fixtures you have access to and criminals will think twice before entering your yard.

These steps should put you way ahead of your neighbors, but this doesn’t mean you should ever stop improving. Continue to take steps to improve your home security on a regular basis and in a year or two your home security will be light years ahead of your neighbors.

Five Ideas To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

Most people would agree that it is always better to have an Eco-friendly home over an unfriendly one. Green homes give off less pollution, save people money, and help keep people healthier. Regrettably, many view the task of making their houses more Eco-friendly as too much to bare. As a result, folks generally don’t do much more than recycle. This is a shame because these people end up missing out on all of the benefits of having an environmentally friendly home.

I wrote this article to offer up some advice to folks looking to make their homes more Eco-friendly Throughout this article I’ll give you my best five strategies for living in a home that gives off less pollution, saves people more money, and enables people to live a happier and healthier life.

Tip Number 1

Firstly, go out and buy some nice window shades. The best ones are the solar shades, but any dark shades will do. Cooling a home can take a lot of electricity which costs money and burns more energy. In addition to this, air conditioners tend to dry out homes and draw in pollen and pollution. Shade all of your windows during the day and you won’t have to run your air conditioning units as often. This is a simple step to take and it will only cost you a few minutes each day.

Tip Number 2

Once you have your shade in place, go ahead and automate your home. Many people view this as a challenging task, but it really isn’t very tough at all. Most home alarm system companies offer alarm systems with home automation built right into them. You’ll find that alarm systems talks about a lot of alarm systems featuring home automation. They feel that the top alarm system will almost always have this option built into them.

Automate your home by having your alarm system turn your HVAC and lights on and off each day. This will help keep your home safer and will help you cut down on your utility bills.

Tip Number 3

Another great tip is to get a rain barrel. A rain barrel will reduce and may even eliminate your need to use your hose to water your yard. This will cut down on your water and sewer bill and will help keep your lawn looking nice and green all year.

Tip Number 4

Once you have your rain barrel installed, why not start a garden. A garden will give you fresh organic food and will save you money. In addition to this, it will reduce the amount of food that needs to be shipped to your local grocery store. This will reduce the amount of gasoline burned bringing food to your dinner table.

Tip Number 5

After your garden, your rain barrel, and your home security system start saving you lots of cash each month, go ahead and use the money on a new solar panel system. Solar panels can reduce or even eliminate your need to be connected to the grid.

Thanks for reading this article on making your home more environmentally friendly. Please be sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends.

The 4 Ways Criminals Get Into A Person’s House And The Way To Prevent It

Homes certainly aren’t invincible, but they usually are pretty sturdy. Hurricanes, snowstorms, and animals can all be kept at bay by a well-made home. Unfortunately, it seems that most homes aren’t very good for protecting people against other people.

In this article I’ll go over the different reasons why homes can be ineffective protection against criminals. You’ll learn exactly what to do to make your home more secure.

The Number One Way Intruders Get Into Homes

The front and back doors are the number one entry points for criminals to use to gain access to people’s homes. Doors are kicked in and locks are picked with great ease. To avoid this problem, homeowners really need to take steps to make their doors, their door frames, and their door locks more secure.

It isn’t very hard to improve on a door’s locking mechanism. A person just needs to replace their old door lock with a nice new one. This new lock should be a modern lock that can’t be picked open in the usual way. It should have both a deadbolt and a lock on the door knob.

Unfortunately, the best lock will be useless if your door can just be kicked in. Increase the security of your door by getting a solid wood or metal door. Once the new door is in place, go ahead and reinforce your door frame. A strong door will not do you any good if the door frame falls apart when kicked.

The second way people easily gain access to a person’s home is through the windows. Window locks prevent quick crimes of convenience, but do not deter determined criminals very well. Anybody with a both can easily kick a standard window until it breaks.

One way to get around this is to buy window film or window bars. This will help reinforce your windows and will ensure that people can’t just kick their way into your home.

Another way to combat this is to buy a great alarm system. A good alarm system will sound the alarm as soon as the window is kicked. This should scare criminals away and alert you to the danger. Get a good alarm system by using Vivint discount code and Protect America discounts .

Of course having an angry dog in the window wouldn’t hurt either. Your dog can bark and your dog can bite.

The third way people can access to other folk’s homes is through second floor windows. Many people feel that second floor windows don’t need to be locked. Unfortunately, savvy criminals are always smart enough to bring a ladder or to climb a tree. These criminals will easily gain access because the window will be sitting their unlocked.

The fourth way criminals gain access to a home is through acting like a utility person or delivery person. They’ll pretend like they need to access the home and the homeowner will simply let them right into the house.