Granite Countertops


Most granite comes from mountains in China. When you decide to buy granite countertops you will go through a process that will take between a couple of weeks and 2-3 months. Once you have decided with the color of the granite you want for your counters then you will in most cases make a deposit of some kind.

Next the granite company will send out their templator. This is the person that will make a template of your counters to give to the granite company to cut your stone. Most companies will do this in a warehouse, others will actually have a factory in China that will cut out the template for your granite coutners.

Most cities have many different granite companies, but you would not believe how much granite edmonton homeowners get installed on a yearly basis. Before the granite goes in you will need to disconnect the sink drain and faucets. You can do this yourself, but hiring a plumber is more likely in your best interest. If you are looking for a plumber Edmonton has quite a few of them.

Now sometimes the homeowner will remove the old counter, or have the granite company remove the counter for you. Depending how much granite you are having installed the job will take between 3-8 hours. Whatever you do, do not hook up the sink yet! It takes 24 hours for the silicone to set properly. If you hook up the sink prior to that time you are risking the sink falling out at a later date, usually within six to twelve months. Have your plumber come in the following day and hook up your sink drain and your faucets. Of course if you went with a drop in sink instead of an undermount sink this will not apply. It is just that most people that put in granite countes will put in an undermount sink. This applies for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and any other kind of sink.

Once you have had granite for a couple of days you will realize that granite countertops are in fact the perfect upgrade to any house. And to keep your granite looking good you need to seal the granite every 6 months or so, ask the company you are buying the granite from more information about this.