Who Makes The Best Juicer ?

In today’s ‘chaotic world’ we seem to be spending less and less time at home and more time rushing around meeting ‘dead lines’ at work. Stress and pressure has become part of America’s staple diet, convenience food the ‘norm’. The result: a nation over fatigued but under nourished…..a nation lacking in the essential fuel that would ‘see’ us through our daily grind. But fortunately there is a quick and easy solution that more and more Americans are turning to…..natural juice.

Juicing is quick, it’s easy and it’s packed with the essential ‘fuels’ necessary to survive, and then thrive, in today’s fast paced world. But who makes the best juicer and what should you be looking for when buying a juicer for the first time?

This is a difficult question to answer. We all have different needs. Do you want an ‘all round’ appliance that the whole family can use or are you looking for the best juicer that is able to tackle ‘exotic’ produce such as wheatgrass? So, with this ‘proviso’ allow me to review my 2 favourite juicers. The ‘all round’ Breville Fountain Juicer and the top of the line, Green Star, appliance that also specialises in juicing produce such as wheatgrass.

The Breville Fountain Juicer is certainly one of the better ‘all around’ family juicers on the market today. The reasons are many. It’s remarkably simple to put back together, it’s quality parts are built to last, it’s a breeze to clean and it’s remarkably quiet when ‘running’….a major consideration when preparing a juice while the rest of the family are sleeping.

In addition to this, the Breville Fountain Juicer also incorporates an extremely powerful filter and cutting system , so powerful in fact, that it is able to juice large chunks of pineapple with the rind still attached.

Also, if standing over a sink having to wash lots of parts sounds unappealing to you then you’ll be glad to know that the parts are dishwasher friendly. All I do is give them a quick rinse, then ‘shoot’ them through the dishwasher. Not only is ‘clean-up’ quick and easy but the parts are further sanitized for your family’s safety.

This bring us onto the Green Star, a terrific juicer with a ‘raft’ of awards to back up it’s ‘top billing’.

The Green Star GS-3000 is certainly one of the premier juicer on the market today. What makes the Green Star so desirable is that it comes with heavy duty two gear technology that allows it to operate at 110 RPM as well as at higher rotations. This feature will allow you to juice both softer fruit as well as harder varieties, that many other machines are unable to ‘tackle’.

To my mind, and one of the reasons I own two juicers, the Green Star is more of a processor than a juicer. It is able to cope with leafy greens and other more exotic produce, thereby allowing me to enjoy the full nutritional and health benefits of these ‘fruits’.

Finally, the Green Star has an extremely fine screen that renders an almost pulpless juice. If you want, however, you can attach a larger screen for a ‘pulpier’ concoction, which can also be used to homogenize food for babies, or for making breadsticks, pasta and delicious rice breads.

So, ‘breaking free’ of today’s chaotic lifestyle is easy….and on top of that…it’s delicious. The hard part is deciding who makes the best juicer. It’s a personal choice, based on your needs. Consider the two above

Thus once again, who makes the best juicer and why it is the best juicer is the one that does what you need it to do. It’s a personal selection that only you can answer. Consider the two mentioned above, ask around but ultimately ask yourself: ” who makes the best juicer … for YOU. “