How to become a Lead Marketing MLM guru to your Host Then Profit downline

In this article I will discuss how you can grow your downline and become the leader they need.

Teach them lead marketing MLM tactics that will help propel them to heights they have not even dreamed of.

Becoming a Lead Marketing MLM guru to your Host Then Profit downline may seem like an unreachable goal to many, especially when first beginning your Host Then Profit opportunity.

Reaching the point of being able to help your team to develop and work with leads will definitely set you apart from the typical recruit-and-forget upline.

A new recruit is flooded with information, much of which is completely new to them. For many it is like learning to speak a new language or live in a new culture.

The new downline member must learn how the Host Then Profit sales process works, how to approach potential members, how to get them on the list, how to develop the prospect once it has become a lead, and how to use the internet as a working tool rather than as a toy.

This is a lot to ask and helps to explain the high turnover rate in most MLM companies.

The new recruit needs to learn a few basic skills right away if they are to survive.

As a Host Then Profit sponsor and team leader it IS your responsibility to teach them these skills. The biggest problem there is knowing where to gain the knowledge yourself so you can teach it to others.

Fortunately, there are quite a few first-rate training courses in the Host Then Profit back office that a team leader can access and provide for their downline. In addition, there are daily live webinars!

The training is a set of formidable step-by-step guides which shows the downline member how to get their first blog or website up, how to set up autoresponders, lead generation, giveaway ebooks and/or reports and a few of the other basics.

After the set-up basics are in place, the training should cover the mechanics of actually getting traffic to the website so any visitors can opt-in to the list. This would consist of ezine marketing, blog marketing, forums, article marketing, plain old SEO, traffic exchanges and others.

The best approach to becoming a Lead Marketing MLM guru is to purchase a business building course that has Master Resell Rights so it can be resold (or even given away – su much better) to the downline.

If it comes with a rebrandable ebook or reports to use for lead generation, so much the better. It IS time to go out and become that leader!

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