Are You the Type to Always Have that Sweet Tooth? Try Sugar Busters!

How Sweet is it?

To answer that question; it isn’t sweet at all. This diet helps you to cut down on the sugars so that you can lose the fat!! Plain and simple. I mean they do go pretty over board in the description (my opinion of course) by saying that sugars are toxic and they wreak havoc. This may very well be the truth, but why scare the sugar out of everyone by saying it like that? This doctor explains why sugars are bad and the reason why this diet may be the right one for you.

It doesn’t stop there. Sugar is not the only thing that we should cut down on. There is cholesterol as well. The diet was released in 1998, so that means that it has been out for awhile. With this diet come benefits such as preventing diseases like diabetes and it is also made to give you energy and balanced wellness for the entire body.

Okay So What Can I Eat?

First of all you CANNOT eat foods that contain refined sugars and then there are certain fruits and vegetables as well. You will be even more surprised at the big no nos that you have to steer from as well. There is a lengthy list of things that you will definitely want to stay away from. Potatoes are a big no no for sure. Then there are all foods containing refined sugar, corn, white rice, beets, carrots, molasses, corn syrup, honey, cokes and even beer. Wow, did you ever imagine that list? You wouldn’t think that all of these actually had sugars. Keep in mind as well; if you are a dieter then you need to reconsider the diet or slim down on exercising while on the Sugar Busters diet.

You CAN eat foods that are high in fiber. There are vegetables that fit into this category. You are allowed to eat stone-ground whole grains, trimmed and lean meats. Then of course there are fish and fruits that you are able to eat as well. Do not fry but rather bake or broil your foods. If you must consume alcohol, make sure that it is a red wine. If for some reason you would prefer to fry your dinner while on the diet, you may do so with either canola or olive oil. You may eat nuts and fruits for snacks as well. You can eat poultry, Canadian bacon and then there is lean beef and pork as well. If you like venison, you can eat that as well. For those of you who don’t know what venison is, it is deer meat.

There are several types of beans that you can eat as well while on the Sugar Busters Diet. Not to mention the many fruits and vegetables as well. You may have dairy products and whole grains as well. For all of you chocolate lovers out there, there is also the advantage of eating dark chocolate. So yay you do get to eat something sweet. There is a total of about 1200 calories that you are allowed to consume in a day. Yes you must keep track as well. There are many downfalls as well. For instance you may notice weakness and fatigue. There is even a chance of liver damage and irritability as well.

Like With Most Diets there are the Disadvantages.

For one you must watch closely to what you are consuming. You have to count calories amongst the things that you already do on a regular basis. Then there is the investment that will need to be made in the foods that you choose to eat. There are the foods that must be avoided with the diet and then there are the foods that are okay to eat as well. If it is sugars like you like, this diet may be the one thing that you need before your health really takes a nose dive. Consider this diet if you eat a lot of sugar or even at risk for diabetes.

There are the advantages and the disadvantages, like with any other diet. Through educating yourself with the diet and actually trying it (knowing it will be to your advantage) before you can see and feel the results. This is like all diets; you need to actually participate in it in order to see the full advantage that you can have with the diet. You won’t bear results right away but they come when you are diligent to your diet and you care about your health.

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