LUK Learning system

I came across this wonderful children game in a very booth selling IQ games at Tesco 3 years ago. I became impressed due to the innovative contents. Besides, children can start to play independently and checking their particular answers. I still remember one of several puzzles showing the top view of a swimmer wearing a cap, as well as the kids are asked to spot the respective side view from the swimmer. That needs quite some imagination through the children. However, the purchase price scared me off. Its no less than RM600 . The sales lady said that this game had greater than 30 years history in Germany.

Okay, you might not know what are these claims Luk and Bambino Luk, I have discovered a web site that demonstrates this. Investigate demonstration and youll understand why

SpecialLUK for age 2+ and children with special needs Extending the innovative bambinoLUK’s design for play and learn, SpecialLUK features specially designed exercises with focuses on promoting the most critical developmental processes in sensory, cognitive, communicative and physical development for children.

bambinoLUK Early Learning (2-4 years of age) : Introduction, Demonstration , Samples

MiniLuk (4-8 years of age): Introduction, Demonstration , Samples(note: I could to buy from their store in mid 2009 but seems like they didnt sell outside US)

I do believe you will be impressed too looking at the Samples and demonstration . I strongly feel that by exposing your children about bat roosting games, were developing their intelligence, in terms of sequencing, imagination and association. It is possible to tell that were convinced and i also would buy, but forking out RM600 is quite painful, especially at the stage that I not really know my children want.

Mind you, Im a huge fan of Dr Glenn Doman(proposed using flash cards) and Dr Howard Gardner(proposed Multiple Intelligence concept), I believe that parents should stimulate children to believe and sharpen their brain because brain development happen at early childhood. Id finish reading their books in the past. Thats the key reason why I had been convinced with ease.

It so happened which i a short day at Germany inside the following month. Although not enough time, within the available couple of hours, I were visit a bookstore to find out about this Luk system. Yes, the sales girl was right that it turned out popular in German for over many years. Id a difficult time to determine what you should purchase. Unlike other regions worldwide, in Germany, the Luk system includes a very wide varieties, and i also was selecting from an array of 50-100 books. Each one is around 5-7Euro. I bought several books and a controller, amounting to RM200 while using kind aid from the Germany salesman translating for me personally. Thats 1/3 with the price in comparison with things i saw.

My son had completed every one of the exercises on this bambinoLUK set. I needed to get additional, but I did not have any possiblity to visit Germany and that i couldnt afford a visit like this. I stumbled upon a toy shop in United Square Singapore located at the basement. The state website may be found here. My son had an opportunity to consider it and tested before I paid SGD100 for a set of 5 books. I knew in Germany and US, this would be cheaper but considering that wed the opportunity to try it out, I decided to pay for. Could be partly since the owner was very friendly and kind. As you expected, I found out later that it was sold cheaper, about half price in US. My pal tried to obtain Amazon, but again, since not offered directly by Amazon, they did not sell away from US.

I additionally stumbled on a cheap version, bought from pasar malam. The controller looked very similar to the miniLuk system. It had been sold at cheaper price, but still at RM160! Nevertheless the quality had no match to the miniLuk system. Besides, I additionally suspected that it could be pirated copy. Checking the contents, I ran across the Germany Intelligence amongst gamers didnt have. It appeared to be a compilation which is made of a number of subjects, with no key learning theme.

I introduced this excellent product to numerous people. One friend found a means to do parallel imports. Their website is introducing the games at a lot more affordable price. Items are genuine good quality goods. You can go to the site G-minimall here. I had created obtained a couple more sets, which I cannot get in Malaysia nor Singapore with their help.

I always admire German engineers for their innovation and good engineering. I believe IQ games similar to this contribute within this. I value innovation goods like this. But please dont get me wrong, I dont think that IQ games will make a young child more clever and definitely you are unable to build a genius from these. But the IQ games can make a young child more intelligent you might say based on Dr Howard Gardner. However, its not commonly accessible to us.