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Web hosting choices come as follows: Free Server There are many different websites that offer free web pages or sites for individuals. You can get a website there that is totally free.

You will have to get a domain name, and you will register the domain name and then be able to upload your website on the shared server. This can be ideal for small business that sells very little products online.

A dedicated server hosts only your website and no others. You have all the space you need to make your website as large as you want.

You can use all of the space and bandwidth on your dedicated server for your one website, or create affiliate websites that can generate ads and revenue to your product or service website. Maybe you would like to have more customers and sell more curtains.

You can do the history of curtains for one, and write about home improvements in window treatments for another and so on.

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If your business is curtains, affiliate products can be other home improvement products or soft domestic goods, such as pillows or bedspreads. What better way than to promote their ads on your content. After someone has clicked on an ad on your free web page, they can then expect to receive quite a bit of e-mail from not only the site that they clicked on, but also any other similar business.

Although you may have the most wonderful products for sale through your website at bargain prices, you can only sell them if people visit your website.

If you want to make money on the internet, the way to do it is to use a dedicated server. Advertising on the internet can be free if you understand how to use the search engines to generate interest in your products as well as use a dedicated server to its maximum abilities.

While a free web hosting service is a fine idea for a personal website that can help you keep your family updated about your life, it is not the way to make money on the internet.

One of the most important things to look for in a dedicated server is good customer service from the provider. One of the reasons why most businesses choose to have a dedicated server is to increase bandwidth.

Even if the space that you have now is sufficient, you may want to expand your website at one point in time.

One of the best aspects of having a dedicated server is that you have control over the security of the server as well as your website. Price may be a consideration when choosing a dedicated server, but it should not be the only consideration.

The most important reason is that you have full control of the server and no longer have to share space and bandwidth with other websites. These pages are hosted by a server that may or may not put mandatory ads on your web page. Some people use such websites as an online resume of sorts.

These businesses often, when they start out, seek a paid internet server to host their site. How does this help you? For one thing, since you no longer have to share space with other users on the shared server, you have more space for your own website. The bandwidth of a server is what allows the traffic to the website. A dedicated server is the only way a large internet business can grow.