Achieving Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal and Curved Strokes in Painting

Have you ever wondered how to achieve vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved strokes in paintings?  The secret is in which paint brush you use and how you hold and manipulate the paint brush. You can get professional learn painting dvd and learn to oil paint dvd course here…

Whether you are achieving vertical, horizontal, diagonal or curves strokes the key is to stay focused on what you want to achieve. It is also important not to move the brush too slowly as this will cause you to draw a crooked line.

To make a horizontal line in painting you can use the flat side of the brush or you can angle it to create a very thin line. It is up to you. You simply dip the brush in paint and then drag the brush across your paper or canvas.

This creates a natural looking curved effect.  If you are painting in oil or acrylic do not be surprised if you see some paint building up as you make this stroke.

How realistic your painting looks will depend on how impressionistic or expressionistic you will want it to look. Gestural brush strokes are done quickly and create emotion and a sense of emotion. In general the faster you are with the brush the more of a gestural effect you will create with your paint brush.

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