All you need to know about BIG TEN Football

The BIG TEN conference is one of the oldest and most popular college athletics conferences. Many fans are constantly looking to watch penn football online. The conference consists of 12 institutions which are respectable universities involved in research in their states with high student enrollment. These institutions are located in Midwestern United States; they stretch from Nebraska to Pennsylvania and Minnesota to Indiana. The Big Ten conference competes in NCAA’s division and member schools of its football team are also involved in the Institutional Cooperation committee which is an educational consortium. In real sense the conference consists of 12 schools after Pennsylvania State University was included in 1993 as well as University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011. Big Ten should not be confused with Big 12 conference which consists of 10 schools and operate in a different part of the country.

BIG TEN Football was initiated by James H Smart, president of Purdue University on 11th of January 1895 at the Palmer House in Chicago in a meeting of seven presidents of Midwestern Universities at Palmer House in Chicago. At the meeting they discussed control and regulation of intercollegiate athletics which was to culminate in development of a renowned and highly organized sports undertaking. The seven men who helped James Smart were presidents from University of Chicago, Lake Forest College, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University and University of Minnesota. They established the guiding principles that were to govern the intercollegiate games conference which was commonly referred to as Western Conference.

The championship game brings together BIG TEN Football and Big Ten Leaders Divisional leader to compete against Big Ten Divisional leader. After Nebraska was included in the conference in 2011 the conference announced it would hold inaugural championship game in Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium. The championship will be televised by Fox Sport from 2011 to 2016, technological advancement has made it possible to Watch Wisconsin Badgers Football Online. Alternatively if you have a reliable connection to the internet you can watch Big Ten football live streaming.