Essential Parenting Advice For New Parents

Most first time parents find themselves inundated with all kinds of parenting advice, as everywhere they turn people are offering information on everything from feeding, bathing and potty training to disciplinary tactics and developmental stages. Before you start feeling completely overwhelmed you need to relax and take a deep breath, as there will always be someone offering advice and disagreeing with the way you are raising your child.

Every parent will have decide on their own parenting style that works best for them and their children. Most often two children from the same family will not respond or react the same way to the same situations and consequences as the other one does, so you will have to handle them differently and adjust your parenting style accordingly.

As you would shop around for the right car seat or high chair for your child, the same thing holds true with parenting advice; you will have to sort through quite a bit to find some what will fit your family. This is not something that will happen all at once; after all you have no way of knowing what type of discipline is going to work as they get older. There are all kinds of parenting books and magazines and even the Internet that offer lots of different advice that you will have to sort through along the way, as well as all of the unsolicited advice you’ll continue to get from well meaning friends and family.

When you are going through all of parenting guides and advice there are a few things that you can look for to help you decide what is best for you; sort of like weeding out the bad from the good. You should pretty much go with your gut instinct; if it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. For instance, some people decide to let their child cry and learn to get themselves to sleep at a fairly young age, and while some babies learn this quickly others may not and may actually need that extra cuddle. Leaving them alone in their room may make them feel frightened or even unloved.

Keep in mind that every child and parent is different but there is some general parenting advice that can help. First you need to get to know your kids and how they react to different situations, learning what makes them comfortable and safe and adjusting your parenting style accordingly. You also need to find a style that both you and your partner agree on so that you will be able to present a united front. And you need to be adaptable, if something isn’t working then be willing to change it until you find something that does.

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