Misery–A Review

Misery is a movie based on Stephen King novel. The story is of Paul Sheldon, a famous writer, who runs his car off a cliff in a snowstorm. Anne Wilkes is a nurse who happened to be in the area and saved him from feezing to death in the car. After she pulls him out, she takes him to her house and begins to nurse him back to health. She professes to be his “number one fan.” A few days into being in her house, she realizes that she’s a bit crazy, and is prone to tempers. Then it turns out that she had been following him and watching him before he got in the accident. Paul begins to get scared and tries to get out of the house, but the doors are locked and Anne lives in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Buster, a local sheriff, is trying to track down what happened to Paul Sheldon. He discovers the car, and while most of the media believe that Paul Sheldon crawled out, Buster believes that someone had pulled him out. He also starts reading Paul Sheldon books. Anne has set up a writing studio and forces Paul to write another book, to continue on his series. After he escapes a second time to look around the house, she catches him and breaks his legs to make sure he won’t get away.

One day, Buster and Anne run into each other in town and Buster starts to wonder about her, and finds out that she is a big fan of Paul Sheldon and uses his quotes.

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