My Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Tips

What I am about to reveal will probably not make some fellow gurus happy, but this needs to be said:

– No matter what they say about affiliate marketing, it’s virtually impossible for everyone to get those 5,000 – 10,000 dollars a month they are raving on about. The reason? There is simply too much competition! However my fellow gurus are correct on one point: No money will fall into your hands if you are not doing anything to get it there…

I decided to help you get started in the right state of mind, by giving you these high level tips below, that will help you make some money with the different kinds of affiliate marketing programs you can find on the internet.

1. Google Adwords

Some say the days of free traffic are over, but there are still some traffic coming that way, however those hits are surely fading away quickly. You can choose to work hard creating web pages that rank well in the search engines, but still – it’s very hard to do. If you still feel like trying, there are lots of Search Engine Optimization Guides available for you to download, both paid and free.

Simply by paying for clicks with Google (it’s called the Adwords program), you can get the top three positions on the search engines that matter the most – in a matter of minutes. It may come as no surprise to you that there are lots of guides available on how to optimize your google adwords campaigns as well! Did you know that the “engine” that drives some of the traffic is called Adsense? The adsense program allows website owners to put ads on their sites, and when the ads are clicked – the site owner just made some cents online. Most Google Adwords Guides recommend turning off that part of the campaign, due to the click fraud involved, which will give you bad quality, non converting traffic.

2. Your own email list

Building an email list of subscribers is hard, but doable. The task of sending offers to your very own email list is the ideal way to build a residual income online. Instead of sending traffic away and hoping for the best, the best alternative for you (in my opinion) is having your own email list to which you will be able to send multiple offers on periodic intervals. There are lots of autoresponder services that you can subscribe to, and if you feel like having total control, there are several Autoresponder Scripts available for purchase as well.

3. Having Your own affiliate program

Did you know that the gurus are aware of the fact that every visitor that fills out form on your site can generate 50 cent in revenue? What about if you pay someone 25 cents (50% commission) to generate that same amount of traffic, that you would otherwise pay Google to get?

This is the secret most newbies don’t know (and that the gurus don’t want you to know about): Let others generate the traffic you need to make some sales! There are a lot of advantages using this approach, including the fact that now others pay Google to get the traffic for you.

Final Words:

Yes, when it all comes down to it, everything involves paying for traffic in one way or the other. Just remember – in order to make the online income you dream about, you’ll need to invest very wisely in the different kinds of advertising available to you.

To Your Success,

Anders Eriksson

Private Label Rights Membership Site Owner