Improving PC Speed

Are you looking to increase your PC speed? Do you need your PC for heavy applications and want to increase the PC speed?

If yes, then read on as we discuss the many methods of adding the PC speed and taking the necessary actions to get your PC to speed up. Keep in mind, the golden rule is always to optimize memory and delete the unnecessary files and programs.

Have a look at the ways you can optimize your PC’s memory: Free up disk space: The Disk Cleanup application is the right way for taking care of files that are not regularly used. This utility gives manual overdrive just in case when you don’t want to take off specific files adviced by the system for deletion.

You can use the Cleanup Utility to delete temporary files, browsing history and all other files that are not significant for you.

Defragmetation:Over the time, saving and editing files lead to cluttering of memory. Files gets saved at various locations and this means that the computer has to put more load on the Processor to first locate the files components and then connect them up together for use. This increases the latency of your PC anddecreases your PC speed.

To check this, move to Disk Fragmentation tool and defragment all the hard drive segments. This may increase your computer as writing and reading from the hard drive gets easier.

Fix disk errors: Besidesrunning Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter, you can start with checking the integrity of the files with Error Checking utility. As with segments, hard drives tend to gather Bad Sectors, which slow down your PC speed. Not just that, Bad sectors decrease the writing process to the limit of rendering it challenging to save files. This utility checks the hard drive for Bad sectors and scans for file system errors to guarantee that all bad sectors are removed. For regular users, this tool can make a lot of difference in PC speed.

Make your computer spyware proof: Spyware is designed to spy on your computer usage. They start up the moment you start your computer or browse and compile your user name, passwords and mail it across to people who plant them on your computers. While sending information, spyware slow down your computer. To take care of spyware, we suggest you download some reliable spyware software and scan your PC. You can install Microsoft Security Essentials for free to check your computer for viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

ReadyBoost Your Computer: Most of us complain about how increasing the RAM is expensive. However with Vista and Window 7, increasing more memory is a lot easier|more convenient} for basic computing now. Simply plug in your USB Flash Drive and go to its Properties. Click on ëReadyBoost’ from there and you are ready to use the USB drive as additional RAM.

One can also try increasing some more hard disk space to increase your PC speed. Remember if not for viruses and spyware, its usually the memory that needs to be increased for a better performing PC.