Kurek Ashley Delivers

Being a motivational coach is hard work. You need to deal with a lot of bad habits as that is the main hurdle people want to get rid of. Kurek Ashley is a success mentor and a peak performance coach. He deals with these issues all the time and he is good at it.

On a recent trip to Brisbane, Australia, Kurek Ashley visited some friends. It was at an internet marketing event that went for 2 days. Kurek Ashley was invited to speak for 2 hours to help these marketers to improve their mindset and grow as successful entrepreneurs. The time was well spent and they all got a lot out of his speech. Some of the topics covered had everything to do with peak performance and how to deal with empowering habits.


To say that Kurek Ashley is a Peak Performance Coach is almost an understatement. He is so good at what he does, then over delivers on the motivation and tools provided. To think that he has come from a very tough period in his life, makes it even more incredible. He used to be a Hollywood actor and lost his best friend during the filming of a high budget movie in the Philippines.

Kurek Ashley In Hollywood

Some of the Hollywood movies Kurek Ashley performed in are: Delta Force 2, Two Of A Kind, Perfect, Terminal Velocity, Trial And Error and many more. How about the actors he has worked with? Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, Brendan Fraser, and the list goes on.

The Kurek Ashley Challenge

Recently The Kurek Ashley Challenge started. A group of internet marketers decided to start blogging about the power of his mindset and how it can help more people improve their lives to a positive level.

It is easy to say that Kurek Ashley is sitting pretty now. Well, he has had to work for it and the road hasn’t been easy. He also works hard for it now. He delivers what he promises and has a level of ethics and integrity that is second to none. His peak performance coaching has taken many people to success. One great example is taking the Australian womens beach volleyball team to Olympic Gold in Sydney 2000.

Needless to say, Kurek Ashley is the grand master of peak performance coaching. You need to go no further than looking at his work. Stay tuned for the launch of his Life Success Club that will include celebrity interviews with tools and methods to take your life back on track to the destiny that you deserve.