What Tricks I Use To Potty Train My Dog


So why is my yorkie always so excited to use my pee pads? There are a few different reasons I will share with you. I strongly believe that when a dog does something right you must reward them. Whether it be a treat or love. When potty training my dog I always give here a treat after each use on the puppy pads. When I would leave the house for a few hours she would wait for me to get home. The reason??? She wanted that treat after I watched her go potty. Always remember to be consistent in your training.




Make sure when using housebreaking pads that you change them regularly. If they build up to much potty mess, the dog will want to go other places. My yorkie will wait for me to change them and immediately run over and potty on them right after. Then she patient waits for her reward. In the beginning make sure you regularly take your dog to there potty area.




Pee-pads.com is the best place to buy puppy pads. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. They offer 3 different sized pee pads to fit your potty area needs. The smallest size is 17”x24”. These come 300 per case with free shipping at a low cost of $54.99. These work great for dogs that weigh less than 8 pounds. Another popular size is the 23”x24” pee pads which come 200 per case. New are the Jumbo 23”x36” pee pads which come 150 per case. Please share with me any potty training tactics that work for you.