The Various Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or Piles most of the time results in uncomfortable and painful conditions in normal life for several people. This condition is not only prevalent within the elderly people. Often it has been observed that young college students can also be suffering from Hemorrhoids. It is not any hereditary problem. It can happen to almost anyone. It mostly depends on some particular conditions and habits of people. For awareness about what makes Hemorrhoids to develop we need to understand the various habits that may result in this potentially painful condition.

Piles are actually inflamed veins near the pelvic and rectal area of the body. This area of the body having been responsible for excretion system of the body, the swollen veins cause discomfort during bowel movement. Excessive pressure on these veins causes the blood flow to block in this area. If pressure increases then more blood collects in the area and causes the veins to swell abnormally. This swellings then spread on the nearby tissues thus giving rise what known as hemorrhoids.

The various behavioral reasons of people which can cause extra pressure in the rectal area which finally causes hemorrhoids are as follows:

1. Constipation is known to be one of the most common cause of hemorrhoids. In constipation people face difficulty in bowel movements due to roughage problems. So when people put extra strain on pelvic veins during bowel movements this leads to swellings in future and finally hemorrhoids.

2. Being overweight can be another potential cause of hemorrhoids. Excessive fat accumulation in the pelvis or abdomen due to unhealthy food habits can cause pressure on the veins of the pelvic area which can cause hemorrhoids.

3. If someone regularly does haste to complete bowel movements then these can cause unwanted strains in the pelvic veins and ultimately hemorrhoids may develop.

4. During pregnancy blood flow to the pelvis region increases. Also the growing baby inside may cause excessive weight over the abdominal area. This may sometimes cause hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Also during the delivery, the increased pressure may also be the cause for the development of hemorrhoids.

5. Medical history like prolonged heart or liver problems or tumors in the rectal area can also cause hemorrhoids.

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These are some common causes of hemorrhoids. As can be seen clearly all these reasons are mainly due to diet or food habits of people and thus can be prevented. Even if one is suffering from hemorrhoids, simple home treatment can cure it. Hemorrhoid Miracle system is one of the most effective and quick hemorrhoid cure system available online.