Which Satellite Navigation Device is Best?

Tomtom is a leading provider of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), personal navigation products and services. They started life some years back as Palmtop BV in the 1990s, a small Dutch firm creating mapping products for the Psion range of handheld computers. Tom tom offers two types of products: navigation devices and navigation software for installation on mobile devices. TomTom GPS gives travellers all over the world local information, personal navigation, entertainment and assistance with foreign languages, Speed Alerts, driving directions while on the move. TomTom’s GPS products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; these are the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom ONE and the TomTom RIDER. TomTom products are marketed through a network of retailers in 30 countries and online.

TomTom One V4 combines ease of use, portability, touch screen technology and an elegant, unmistakable design. It offers the latest street-level map of your chosen country, down to street level. These GPS devices are known for easy-to-use navigation, clear spoken instructions and easy access to traffic information. TomTom caught everyone off guard when they launched the tom tom one v4, very little had been heard about it prior to launch but it has already proved to be a popular device and one that despite being priced and positioned as the ‘entry level’ option is in fact better in some areas than its older brothers, Tom tom one v4 is everything you need from a straightforward portable satellite navigator.

The TomTom 930, is slimmer than the round-backed devices of yesteryear, solid and well built. The GO 930 and GO 730 also include TomTom’s new-for-2008 IQ Routes feature, which calculates routes based on actual average speeds on roads, rather than posted speed limits.The Tom Tom 930 comes with the latest and most complete maps of Europe, US and Canada pre-installed on 4GB internal memory. You can preview or demo a route in advance, and choose to avoid specific roads due to personal preference, traffic knowledge or just for a scenic route The TomTom 930 really does have everything you need to make driving even more of a pleasure.

Tom Tom GPS products are developed with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use, safety and value. TomTom is a leading provider of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), personal navigation products and services, with a TomTom SatNav device, you can keep track of local speed cameras, frequent mobile camera areas, and junctions monitored with a red-light camera. TomTom has leveraged its expertise to make their products the easiest to install and the easiest to use street finder navigation devices ever.