Photo Cake for a More Personal Celebration

Occasions and special events would usually entail the preparation of foods. In most cases, this would involve having a special cake that would serve as a focal point during the event. An example would be during a wedding, anniversary or even just the usual birthday celebrations. Cakes have become a must for occasions. It does not have to be a very big one but one thing that would make it truly special is the kind of design that it has. One way of doing it would be with the use of the photo cake. This would make it more personal since the image of the celebrant can be found on the cake. It can be customized with the use of a single picture or a collage.

What Image to Choose

There are many different pictures or images which can be used for the cake. It is possible to have the ready-made ones which are available in the cake shops but those which have been especially taken can also be used in the photo cake. One thing though is that the image should be clear so that when it is printed on the cake it will be quite vivid. It is possible to use many different images in just cake but having so many items might make it look cramped so it would be better if the number will be minimized.

Be Creative

Since the cake will feature just not the ordinary icing, it would do well to be creative. Simple and yet creative designs can be used to make it more elegant or fun depending on the theme or the concept used for the celebration. It would be like a canvas in which a painting is done. It can be a creative way to feature or highlight the good points of the celebrant.

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